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Celebrating the Holiday- the CS Way

As the air turns crisp and holiday tunes fill the atmosphere, the holiday season is here. It is a season filled with warmth, love, and joy. Whether it’s the aroma of freshly baked cookies, the glow of twinkling lights, or quality time spent with loved ones, there’s something comforting about the traditions that make this time of the year special. Come along with us as we journey through time revisiting traditions of our childhood that we carried effortlessly into the present day and explore new traditions this festive season. We have compiled a list of favorite holiday traditions, traditions and the workplace, and new traditions our Consensus Solutions employees share with their loved ones.

Favorite Holiday Traditions

“From October through December, my family and I find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind full of activities. The festivities kick off with Dashain, a Nepali holiday in early to mid-October, followed by Tihar (also known as Diwali) a few weeks later. What I love most about our Nepali holiday traditions is the opportunity to immerse myself in a taste of Nepal, bringing back nostalgia for my time back in Nepal. I am surrounded by family, food, and rituals that are grounded in bringing positivity and light into our lives while letting go of all the negativity.” - Kritishma Shrestha

“BAKING CHRISTMAS COOKIES! My grandma was the stereotypical grandmother who always had dozens of different types of homemade cookies whenever we visited, and at Christmas, there were even more. Before she died, my dad collected all her recipes in a spiral-bound book for me and my siblings. Since then, I have made the cookies from her recipe book every Christmas to share with my family and kids; in the past few years, my kids have even started to help! It’s the only time I make my grandma’s cookies, so it’s a special time of year for us to remember her and share her delicious recipes.” - Shannon Kamide

“Since I recently moved from Dallas back to the East Coast, I’ve had to get innovative to keep the Christmas Eve traditions alive with my family. Each year, my husband and I team up to send saran wrap balls filled with everything from candy to cash to lottery tickets to our families. The game requires family members to sit in a circle and unwind the ball as fast as possible, capturing all the goodies that fall from it, before the person next to you hits doubles on a pair of dice. At that point, you have to pass the ball to the next person and so on, until the saran wrap ball is completely unraveled. While the ball itself is fun to make, watching family members take it apart (via FaceTime) is even better.” - Meaghan Jordan

Traditions and the Workplace

“Baking does not come easy to me, so it is a labor of love. Often with project work or in my professional life, I am faced with new challenges or pushed outside of my comfort zone. Visualizing the end results and the benefits of working hard to meet those challenges helps motivate me to push through, much like with my cookie-baking tradition!” - Shannon Kamide

“I’ve learned that business success is only as good as the people on your team. The time and energy put into those relationships, just like the time and effort it takes to make a prize-filled saran wrap ball, is worth the squeeze every time.” - Meaghan Jordan

New Traditions

“This year I hosted my first Tihar/Diwali party with my Nepali friend group. I think I would like to continue this new tradition. My inspiration behind this new tradition is to bring people together and to share my beautiful culture with my friends. As an immigrant, I tend to balance or juggle two worlds daily. I am hoping that hosting this party will allow all of my friends to get a glimpse into my world and have a BLAST in the meantime.” - Kritishma Shrestha

“We have a lot of holiday traditions in my family that I loved continuing when I started my own family but have also found some new ones to start. One that has been fun for me and the kids is Elf on the Shelf! I know this is a hotly debated topic, but we don’t go crazy with it because I’m not trying to clean up a mess “Uncle Skrunkle” made – yes, that’s what my children named him. The kids’ excitement every morning trying to find him is only matched by their excitement on Christmas morning. It’s only one of the many things that makes Christmas magic in our house, and I hope they love it enough to continue the tradition with their own families one day.” - Shannon Kamide

“I don’t have any new Christmas traditions, but my husband and I recently started a New Year's Eve tradition where we take that 24 hours heading into the new year to complete as many ‘good luck’ customs from across the world as possible. We plan, getting all the necessary items days prior, and follow through with the traditions at exactly midnight of their country of origin. You don’t know fun until you’ve smashed a pomegranate on the ground at 4 pm (Turkey) or eaten soba noodles first thing in the morning (Japan.)” - Meaghan Jordan

As we wrap up this joyful journey, we hope these glimpses into our team’s festivities have inspired warmth and cheer. We wish you a season filled with love, laughter, and precious memories with loved ones. Happy holidays!

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